The EM 210 MIG/Flux Cored welder product shot
Small welders deliver professional-grade power
The EM 210 MIG/Flux Cored welder and EMP 210 MIG/Stick/TIG welder inverter-based power sources are small in size but deliver professional-grade power and performance for most auto/truck repair and restoration, light fabrication and construction and HVAC work. Both welders weigh just 29 lbs. and deliver up to 200 amps of MIG welding power. Both models use 115/230V primary power and can run off a generator with a 10 kVA output.
ESAB Welding and Cutting Products, Annapolis Junction, Maryland, 800/372-2123,
Combi-XLE multidirectional forklift side profile
Combilift launches an electric model forklift
In response to a growing demand for electric-powered equipment, the Combi-XLE multidirectional forklift, with up to 5-ton lift capacity, combines emission-free operation with performance for a wide range of industries and applications. The new Combi-XLE incorporates the same key design features as its earlier counterpart such as high ground clearance, large cushioned front and rear tires, and a spacious cab for smooth operation and driver comfort on semi-rough terrain.
Combilift USA, Greensboro, North Carolina, 877/266-2456,
Weldcote’s Ultraview Plus helmet with an American Flag on the side
Helmets offer optical clarity
Weldcote’s Ultraview Plus helmet line now features an optical clarity classification of 1/1/1/1 along with an improved viewing area of 3.94 in. by 3.28 in. (12.93 sq. in). The Klearview helmet line offers a 3.94 in. by 2.36 in. (9.3 sq. in.) view area and is available in the Emerald design. Offering basic features, Econoview has a view area of 3.54 in. by 1.57 in. (5.56 sq. in.). All of the models have a “true color” feature that improves visibility and reduces eye strain. The helmets have a 0.1- to 0.8-second switching time, a solar cell with battery backup and UV/IR protection.
Weldcote, Kings Mountain, North Carolina, 704/739-4115,
Centrovac fume extraction MIG gun being used by a welder
Centrovac fume extraction MIG guns
Three new models of Centrovac fume extraction MIG guns remove welding fumes at the gun nozzle to help meet OSHA and ACGIH standards. When paired with the appropriate extraction unit, Centrovac reduces exposure to hexavalent chromium (generated when welding stainless steel), manganese, aluminum and other harmful fumes. The guns can assist with meeting particulate limits in the operator’s breathing zone and when working in confined areas, inside tanks or other situations with limited ventilation. Each Centrovac MIG gun features a light, well-balanced and ergonomic handle with the vacuum vent located at the front of the handle allowing the operator to easily adjust fume extraction rates by simply turning a band. Centrovac gun cables feature a T-connection to the extraction unit located about a foot above the power pin, which removes particulates before they can reach the gun/wire feeder connection point.
Tweco, an ESAB brand, Annapolis Junction, Maryland, 800/372-2123,
Mini43LP Force/Torque Sensor set up at the factory
Robot sensor applies to micro forces
The Mini43LP Force/Torque Sensor provides high-precision force sensing in a rugged, compact transducer. The low-profile sensor body allows users to optimize their work envelope and preserve the robot’s lifting power for end-of-arm tools. A bolt-down mounting pattern can minimize stack height; an angled cable exit eliminates interference with adjacent equipment; and a large through-hole allows for simplified utility management.
ATI Industrial Automation, Apex, North Carolina, 919/772-8259,
Strippit V30 1550 side profile
Punch press processes large sheets
The Strippit V30 1550 is a heavy-duty 30 metric ton turret punch press featuring a 200 in. (5 m) X-axis. With an exceptionally long X-axis, the Strippit V30 1550 is the only punching machine of its kind engineered to allow the processing of worksheets up to 200-inches long by 60 in. wide without multiple sheet repositions, excessive sheet handling or extra shearing operations. By reducing non-value part handling time, punching and forming operations are more productive and cost efficient. The ability to process a large sheet size also reduces welding and other secondary tasks, decreasing the cost per part. The advanced table positioning system of the Strippit V30 1550 produces a finished part accuracy of +/- .004 in. (0.1 mm) with a repeatability of +/- .002 in. (0.05 mm) over the entire table travel. The accuracy of finished parts provides process stability.
LVD North America, Akron, New York, 716/542-4511,