Configurable resistance welder
Configurable resistance welder
The WSI ValuePress can be configured for many different applications without sacrificing features found on larger size resistance welders. The ValuePress has the WSI-exclusive lightweight ram for faster follow-up required for projection welding. The welder can be configured for AC, AC Inverter and MFDC. Additional features include: ridged frame with minimal deflection, full-size ram with preloaded linear bearings, and solid copper secondary with no flexible stranded cables.
Weld Systems Integrators Inc., Warrensville Heights, Ohio, 844/974-9353,
ATB Novoflex Honing Tools
Honing tool line expanded
Osborn expanded its line of ATB Novoflex Honing Tools with additional abrasive grain sizes, abrasive types and diameters. The expanded offering now includes 185 new items and a total standard offering of 271 items. Available for hole diameters ranging from 0.196 in. to 8.000 in., Osborn’s small diameter ATB Novoflex Tools are designed with round, abrasive silicon carbide beads fastened to the end of flexible nylon filaments providing an “edge break” not possible with conventional honing stones. These self-centering tools conform to the bore surface, resulting in a consistent, even surface finish over the life of the tool. Osborn’s standard offering now includes 320-grit silicon carbide (SC) and 320-grit aluminum oxide (AO) tools, as well as additional diameters and lengths across 120-, 180- and 240-SC grit sizes.
Osborn, Richmond, Indiana, 765/965-5333,
Self-shielded flux core wire  for structural applications
Self-shielded flux core wire
for structural applications
Coreshield 71T-8 OS is a self-shielded flux cored wire for all-position welding of critical structural applications, such as TKY joints in offshore construction, pipe structures, bridges and storage tanks. It features a diffusible hydrogen content lower than 8ml/100g and provides excellent low temperature impact toughness. As-welded mechanical properties include a Charpy V Notch strength of up to 172J (127 ft.-lb.) at -40 degrees C and typical tensile strength of 521 MPa (76 ksi).
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products, Annapolis, Maryland, 800/372-2123,
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