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Makita’s GA4553R has a non-removable guard that can be adjusted without tools.
Makita’s GA4553R has a non-removable guard that can be adjusted without tools.
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Makita delivers “world’s first” grinders with non-removable guards

usiness managers in industries such as energy, mining, shipbuilding, road and bridge, and water treatment came to Makita asking if a grinder could be engineered with a non-removable guard feature. In response, the company developed a first-in-concept hand-held angle grinder with a non-removable guard.

Right now, two Makita models are offered with this feature: the 4½ in. Paddle Switch Angle Grinder (model GA4553R) and the 4½ to 5 in. Paddle Switch Angle Grinder (GA5053R). These new grinders are part of the compact industrial class, which are widely used for grinding, surfacing and cutting applications in metal fabrication and construction.

Convenience, ergonomics and performance
We recognized that angle grinder guards need to be constantly adjusted throughout the course of a workday for the operator to perform various applications with different space constraints. Makita ensured the non-removable guard could be adjusted easily—at the push of a button, while ensuring that the guard cannot be removed.
The non-removable guard feature keeps the wheel guard in place for use with grinding wheels. Makita also offers a cut-off guard cover, which is engineered for use in cut-off applications where a fully enclosed semicircular guard is required. The clip-on guard cover quickly attaches to the guard, no tools required.

A key characteristic of a compact industrial class grinder is comfort and ergonomics. We closely analyzed the comfort characteristics when designing the GA4553R/GA5053R Angle Grinders. These grinders have a large paddle switch that allows for power start press points at multiple grip positions. Additionally, the barrel grip has a narrow design that allows for increased hand comfort during prolonged operation.

Grinders in the compact industrial class range from 9 AMP to 11 AMP, and these models deliver on the upper end of the power spectrum at 11 AMPs.

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Additional features
The grinders are loaded with additional features, including an integrated tethering loop at the rear end of the barrel grip, which can be attached to lanyards. This tethering option is ideal for working at heights or on a lift.

In addition, the grinders have paddle switches, which require the user to hold the paddle down manually for operations. A lock-off power feature guards against accidental starts. These grinders require two pressing actions in order to power on the tool. The lock-off power switch is designed to prevent accidental starts when the tool is plugged in. To further guard against accidental starts, both grinders are equipped with anti-restart protection that is engineered to prevent motors from starting in the on-power switch position after a power disruption.

Makita angle grinders should always be used as specified in the instruction manual. Our new grinders with non-removable guards provide another element to help business owners manage their teams and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings, as well as industry best practices.

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