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From the Editor

gretchen salois, senior editor

Fond Farewell


hen I first arrived at Trend Publishing’s Chicago office in 2010, I had just moved from Boston, where I worked as a reporter covering corporate governance. The financial crisis and ensuing recession was an interesting time to cover boardroom strategy but, simultaneously, it was time to move closer to home and try something new. I didn’t have any experience covering the metals and manufacturing sector, but I loved the idea of learning about an industry of movers and makers—and the opportunity to nerd out on some really incredible technology.

Learn I did over the nearly 11 years I’ve spent interviewing, visiting with and writing about all things metals and manufacturing. While the various technologies and fascinating innovations kept me interested, the people I’ve met and learned from have been the highlight of my time here. I found that I really wanted to tell these stories. I wanted to learn about new technologies or processes and help educate readers. I wanted to help expand awareness about the importance and significance of learning a trade.

There is always someone offering help in times of trouble.

The industry continues to evolve and innovate, and a new generation of fabricators is set on being successful while doing meaningful work. I’m proud to have shared a small part of it by speaking to the experts while writing it all down. My own attempts at seam welding always seemed to resemble more of a zig zag—kudos to you who don’t have the luxury of a delete button to get your work done.

My final cover story focuses on human resiliency and the comfort in knowing that in trying times, people band together to help one another. In September, a small Cessna plane crashed into a building at Farmington, Connecticut-based TRUMPF Inc. It’s a difficult story, and I was honored to be entrusted with it to show you, the reader, that while this is a fiercely competitive industry, there is always someone offering to help in times of trouble.