Hypertherm DynaMAX waterjet pumps
New names for waterjet pumps
Hypertherm rebranded its HyPrecision and Echion intensifier-based waterjet pumps as DynaMAX. The DynaMAX systems will now begin with a 3 or 5, depending upon the performance, feature or technology of a particular model. This prefix will be followed by the horsepower number and, for pumps engineered with Hypertherm’s patented predictive technology, a “P” suffix. HyPrecision pumps will now have a black exterior to match the exterior of the Echion pumps. The products’ features and benefits will remain the same.
Hypertherm Inc., Hanover, New Hampshire, 800/737-2978,
Powermax 45XP, Powermax 65 and Powermax 85 plasma cutting systems
Upgrade Powermax style consumables
HelioCut is a patent-pending consumable upgrade for Powermax 45XP, Powermax 65 and Powermax 85 plasma cutting systems. This drop-in replacement for factory consumables saves cash. HelioCut’s patent-pending design reduces consumable wear, increases lifespan and allows for an improved current path for the electrode. The motionless electrode creates a stronger, more secure connection to the torch. There are no springs attached, which translates into fewer consumable changes and more uptime.
American Torch Tip, Bradenton, Florida, 800/342-8477,
M-1000iA robot side profile
Automation tool has ‘muscle’
The new M-1000iA robot is capable of handling very heavy products including automotive components, construction materials and battery packs for electric vehicles. The M-1000iA’s serial-link construction gives the robot a wider range of motion in every direction. It can extend its arm upright or rotate it backwards, which is not possible for typical heavy-payload robots with a parallel-link mechanism. The M-1000iA features a 1000 kg payload, a 3,253mm horizontal reach and a 4,297mm vertical reach.
FANUC America, Rochester Hills, Michigan, 888/326-8287,
Ascent presses
Beckwood pre-engineered presses are configurable
Ascent presses are pre-engineered for cost efficiency and can reduce cost and lead time by up to 50 percent compared to custom presses without sacrificing quality or performance. With models ranging from 30 tons to 500 tons and in 21 different frame sizes, the Ascent line offers choices to manufacturers and jobs shops of every size. Every Ascent press features a unitized gib-guided frame, which provides superior guidance and rigidity. Speed, stroke, daylight and shut height are can be customized while options for heated platens, HPU configurations, and safety equipment add to the line’s flexibility.
Beckwood Press Co., St. Louis, 800/737-0111,
NSX mechanical stamping press
Accuracy and consistency pledged
The NSX mechanical stamping press is a 110-metric-ton, unitized frame press that runs at 120 to 300 SPM with a stroke of 65 mm. The NSX features a low-deflection, one-piece frame and a low-deflection cast iron slide. Accuracy and consistent high-volume production are assured using zero clearance roller-type slide guides and counter rotating eccentric shafts. The press’ floor mount design—when paired with isolation mounts, as well as choice of plug and play Wintriss, Link or Rockwell Allen-Bradley controls—provide ease of installation.
AIDA-America, Dayton, Ohio, 937/237-2382,
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