X Series markers Design
Dot peen markers streamline operations
The design of X Series markers helps boost performance for the most demanding applications. The cantilevered marking head provides a clear open line of sight while the retracting to clear other tooling and equipment. Up to 6 axes are motion control ready and no PC or control box is required. For custom integration with logic, additional I/O is available.

Kwik Mark Inc., McHenry, Illinois, 815/363-8268, www.kwikmark.com.

Abrasive wheels
Abrasive wheels for pipe welding
Velocity Pipeliner is a wheel designed to withstand the pressures of pipe beveling, smoothing flame-cut edges and root pass grinding. The premium grain and hard bond blend give Velocity long life and excellent wheel performance on stainless steel and high tensile alloys. A ¼-in.-thick version, Velocity Grinding Wheel, is available for general fabrication applications such as heavy weld grinding, beveling hard steels, grinding casting parting lines or removing weld deposits. The Velocity Grinding Wheel has maximum stock removal rate balanced with extended wheel life on stainless steel and ferrous metals.

Rex-Cut Abrasives, Fall River, Massachusetts, 800/225-8182, www.rexcut.com.

Manual plasma cutter
Manual plasma cutter delivers power
The Cutmaster 40 manual plasma cutting system weighs 22 lbs., has the flexibility to use 115V to 230V primary power and delivers a rated output of 40 amps at 40 percent duty cycle or better. On 230V primary, it delivers a recommended cut and pierce capacity on 1/2-in. steel and can sever steel up to 1 in. On 115V primary, it delivers a recommended cut and pierce on 3/8-in. steel. To use 115V, simply connect the supplied 115V adapter to the hardwired 230V plug.

Thermal Dynamics, West Lebanon, New Hampshire, 800/752-7621, www.esabna.com.

Nozzles designed to improve weld quality
Nozzles designed to improve weld quality
Including its Monster #10, Arc-Zone offers six different TIG welding nozzles, sized from 5/8 in. (#10) to 1.5 in. (#24). Each is designed to improve weld quality, lower gas consumption and enhance the welder’s overall experience. Monster nozzles are made of durable, non-reactive ZTA ceramic with integrated diffusers. This proprietary combination delivers a coherent stream of shielding gas and allows for a longer tungsten stick-out, resulting in improved visibility and access to hard to reach joints. The nozzles are available as complete ready-to-weld kits or in replacement cup packs.

Arc-Zone.com, Carlsbad, California, 760/931-1500, www.arc-zone.com.

Punch Paks
Punch Paks available for customer’s specific ironworker
Punch Pak kits come with up to 17 pairs of round punches and dies in the most common incremental sizes, depending on the customer’s ironworker. Multiple kit sizes are available. Punch Paks are useful when ordering a variety of round tooling styles and sizes at a discounted price. Packed in a durable utility box, the kits include a sample of Punch Lube, used to extend tooling life. Two reference magnets for determining typical die clearance and required tonnage for punching mild steel are included.

American Punch Co., Euclid, Ohio, 800/243-1492, www.americanpunchco.com.

Blades triple cutting
Blades triple cutting performance
3X Power bi-metal reciprocating saw blades feature teeth that cut more efficiently, enabling users to make up to three times the number of cuts than conventional blades. Engineered for use on corded and cordless saws, the 3X Power blades are also highly resistant to breakage and feature a reinforced shank. The Starrett line of 3X Power blades includes models for cutting metal, multiple materials and for heavy-duty cutting.

L.S. Starrett Co., Athol, Massachusetts, 978/249-3551, www.starrett.com.