weldcote abrasives
Wheels offer less vibration, cooler grinding
Designed in Japan, Inox-Prime Plus and Zirconia Prime are right-angle grinder wheels that are suited for precise, quick and efficient grinding on steel. These wheels are free of iron, sulfur and chlorine contaminants. Wheel sizes range from 41/2 in. to 7 in. in Type 27. Offering less vibration and cooler grinding with increased grinding efficiency, Weldcote right-angle grinder wheels are easy to work with for extended periods of time.
Weldcote, Kings Mountain, North Carolina, 704/739-4115,
Motion controller for up to 50 axes
Motion controller for up to 50 axes
The RMC200 offers motion control for up to 50 axes of synchronized position, velocity and pressure/force control of hydraulic, electric or pneumatic actuators. The new LC8 Load Cell module connects directly to eight load cells without external signal conditioners. The LC8 is expected to be particularly useful in testing applications where precise, high-speed force measurements are required, whether for force feedback to a motion axis or simply for monitoring of multiple load cells. The new module provides eight load cell inputs, divided between two detachable terminal blocks.
Delta Computer Systems, Battle Ground, Washington, 360/254-8688,
fabrication machine
Fabricators can choose direction
BLM Group has added left-hand configuration capability to its Elect 102, 130 and 150 bender models. Fabricators processing tubes and pipes up to 6-in. diameters can choose the bending direction they use most—right- or left-handed. With multiple tool stack capability, Elect benders can produce fixed and variable radii in a single setup. The all-electric operation provides energy-efficient production and eliminates the need for hose and piping associated with hydraulic systems. This helps to simplify maintenance and improve reliability for more consistent bending. Elect benders are available with manual or automatic loading. The loader can be positioned to the left or right of the machine.
BLM Group, Novi, Michigan, 248/560-0080,
inside a manufacturing machinery
Model made for surface- and edge-critical blanks
The Edge Stacker is designed to transport blanks via an overhead conveyor system and precisely drop them into ice cube-shaped stacks, regardless of the end use. This stacking system was specifically designed for blanking or cut-to-length lines producing surface-sensitive steel and surface-sensitive aluminum blanks for laser welding. The ability to maintain premium edge quality is also a significant feature of this design. The Edge Stacker is available as a single or double station stacker that can be equipped with switchable permanent magnets, vacuum capability or a hybrid version that includes both.
Automatic Feed Co., Napoleon, Ohio, 419/592-0050,
plasma power source
Plasma power sources double cutting output
For increased productivity when automated plasma cutting, new versions of the 200-, 300- and 400-amp Ultra-Cut XT high-precision plasma power sources will double cutting output to 400, 600 or 800 amps, respectively. Achieving optimal cut quality and speed requires changing consumables to match the application. Users of Ultra-Cut 200 XT, 300 XT and 400 XT systems can operate two systems of the same output independently or together. The Water Mist Secondary process, which incorporates nitrogen as the plasma gas and ordinary tap water for shielding, produces superior cut quality and a lower cost per cut on stainless steel and aluminum.
Thermal Dynamics, West Lebanon, New Hampshire, 866/279-2628,
Panel bender machine
Panel bender gets smarter
The P2 is a compact panel bender that reduces retooling times when passing from one production item to the next and minimizes waste. The CUT tool allows the machine to complete up to 17 bends per minute and to create profiles. The addition of MAC3.0, a set of integrated technologies, sensors, formulas and algorithms, makes the P2 even more intelligent and allows it to adapt to the material being machined by measuring the tensile strength in real time and comparing it to the reference values of some of the most common materials on the market.
Salvagnini, Hamilton, Ohio, 513/874-8284,
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