Metal finishing is a tedious process that requires a balance of time and precision
The Enduro-Flex Turbo removes like a 36 grit but leaves a 60 grit finish, saving finishing steps.

ultiple industries are recognizing the importance of workers being able to do their jobs with less fatigue, more comfort and greater efficiency. Working better and smarter requires the right tools and processes in order to repeatedly achieve the desired finish—especially when working with stainless steel. The abrasive used for the job, the grit type, grain and operator technique all affect surface finish.

An equipment manufacturer in Wisconsin was experiencing excessive labor and cost waste, a common issue in the metalworking industry. The grinding wheel needed to be dressed to maintain its removal rate and grinding angle. As a result, the operator had to manually discard the wheels prematurely, resulting in higher production costs and longer output times.

“Prior to introducing the Enduro-Flex Turbo, we had a flap disc, but not a good one,” says the plant supervisor. “It worked ok, but we didn’t know what we were missing.”

The art of smooth
To help the customer work smarter, a WALTER technical expert recommended a change from a bonded abrasive grinding wheel to a ceramic flap disc. The manufacturer was open to suggestions for improving the process and agreed to perform an onsite productivity test. WALTER suggested switching to Enduro-Flex Turbo flap discs, which can be used at a more comfortable working angle, self-sharpen, and provide both an aggressive removal rate and fine finish.

The results were dramatic: a 58 percent reduction in the amount of time needed to blend welds flush to the surface, an estimated 50 percent reduction in annual discs needed to perform the same amount of work, and a total cost savings of almost $18,000 per year.

The Enduro-Flex Turbo’s unique 36/60 grit ceramic grain blend removes material like a 36 grit but leaves a 60 grit, paint-ready finish, saving valuable steps in the finishing process.

Increased product life
The vibration-free Enduro-Flex Turbo flap disc performs with less dust and noise than a grinding wheel, making it ideal for steel and stainless steel applications.
Enduro-Flex 2-in-1 flap disc closeup
The Enduro-Flex 2-in-1 flap disc removes TIG welds and finishes the surface in one step for steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
“The Enduro-Flex Turbo removes more material and has made us much more productive,” says the plant manager. “This increased our productivity, and we should be able to get more parts done faster,”

The disc is also offered in an 80 grit, which allows users the same high performance as the Enduro-Flex Turbo, but with a smoother finish. Cyclone Technology flap configuration allows for fast metal removal. The patented Turbofan Cooling backing design lets air cool the workpiece, increasing product life and minimizing heat transfer to the surface.

2-in-1 drum for the satin linear finish
Use the 2-in-1 drum for the satin linear finish needed on a stainless steel piece.
Applications such as blending welds and surfaces, final blending and paint preparation can be completed using WALTER discs. To avoid cross-contamination, a flap disc used on steel should never be used on stainless steel or aluminum. This is why the Enduro-Flex product family offers a complete solution regardless of the weld (TIG or MIG), removal rate (light to rough) or material (steel, stainless steel, aluminum).
In three steps, users can weld a workpiece, blend down the weld, and paint or finish.
The Enduro-Flex flap disc allows users to spend less time making trips to the tool crib.
In three steps, users can weld a workpiece, blend down the weld, and paint or finish.
Enduro-Flex flap disc in use
The Enduro-Flex flap disc allows users to spend less time making trips to the tool crib.
Tricks of the trade
In three steps, users can weld a workpiece, blend down the weld, and paint or finish. It would not be possible to remove welds and prepare a paint-ready finish in one easy step without compromising performance using a standard 36 or 40 grit disc. Users can expect a higher removal rate, better performance and an increase in productivity with the Enduro-Flex Turbo.
The Enduro-Flex Turbo blends welds faster, while leaving a paint-ready finish.
As a starting point, WALTER recommends using a comfortable and vibration-free flap disc like the Enduro-Flex Turbo to grind and blend in one easy step. Users can also make process improvements by making sure drums are individually balanced. This will have a significant impact on user comfort and provide a clean, controlled and uniform finish as well as extend the product life of drums. It is also possible to combine two finishing steps into one with Two-In-One drums: the coated abrasive cloth cuts aggressively while the interweaved Blendex flaps produce a satin linear finish. Another easy trick is to remember to clean and prepare the surface. The removal of light contaminants such as processing oils, anti-corrosion oils and light waxes will help prevent premature clogging.
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