product shot of a Tool changer for smaller robots
Tool changer for smaller robots
The QC-29 Robotic Tool Changer is the first standard ATI Tool Changer designed with a rectangular body that mounts directly to 40 mm and 50 mm robot wrists. The QC-29 includes in-body lock/unlock sensing and a new locking mechanism. Built-in air ports and three module mounting flats make connecting utilities easy, and the Zero-Freeplay design ensures maximum repeatability for high-efficiency tool changing.
ATI Industrial Automation, Apex, North Carolina, 919/772-0115,
Production Manager userface/screen
Module can improve nesting operations
Hypertherm has released Production Manager, an optional module for its ProNest advanced CAD/CAM nesting software. This web-based module is designed to improve productivity, maximize machine up-time, boost on-time delivery and increase material utilization. Production Manager seamlessly integrates with Hypertherm’s EDGE Connect CNC to automatically capture machine data without the need for operator intervention. In addition, it displays real-time production data so team members across an organization can track the status of job orders, the production schedule and pending inventory requirements.
Hypertherm, Hanover, New Hampshire, 603/643-3441,
The 355-2 Flowmeter Regulator close-up
Flowmeter offers one-two punch for welders
The 355-2 Flowmeter Regulator is pre-set to a low compensated pressure of 20 PSIG, which allows a higher flow rate. This low pressure reduces surge and reduces the amount of gas wasted, while having enough compensation to eliminate any issues in the gun and machine. The flowmeter regulator has a one-piece encapsulated seat design, making it tamper-proof. It features an internal filter and PTFE Teflon seat. The 355-2 is used almost exclusively for welding applications that require gas. For MIG welding of large or thick materials, this type of flow meter regulator is highly recommended.
Harris Products Group, Mason, Ohio, 513/754-2000,
people working on the computer with CADMAN v8.7 software suite
Software suite gets update
The CADMAN v8.7 software suite introduces several key features, including the ability to integrate foreign operations such as tapping, chamfering and painting, as well as updates for CADMAN-JOB (Manufacturing Execution System), CADMAN-SDI (Smart Drawing Importer), CADMAN-P (punching), CADMAN-L (laser cutting), CADMAN-B (bending) and Touch-i4 (sort and validate). LVD’s software suite helps streamline the sheet metal fabrication process to make smart manufacturing possible. The latest version allows CADMAN to control, monitor and log an order from raw material to finished part. v8.7 provides a real-time interface between ERP and sheet metal production. Data gathered can be analyzed by the user to implement process improvements.
LVD, Gullegem, Belgium, +32 56 43 05 11,
The Striker 140 machine angled view
Welding inverter offers flexibility
The Striker 140 machine is a dual voltage (110- or 220-volt) single-phase inverter with voltage reduction for direct welding using electrodes of diameters of 1/16 in to 1/8 in. The voltage reduction device reduces the voltage at no-load condition for a safer work environment. It uses arc force to eliminate electrodes from sticking to the workpiece. Designed to work with a wide range of input voltages (from 98 to 265 volts), the Striker 140 is ideal for use with generators. The unit offers a hot start function to provide easy ignition of the welding arc. A dual voltage automatically identifies the power grid voltage and operates accordingly.
Weldcote, Kings Mountain, North Carolina, 704/739-4115,