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Patented snap-on-and-off design changes how fabricators achieve smooth finishes

f you work with a cutoff wheel or grind wheel, you know firsthand that changeovers can be time consuming. In a high volume environment, that time lost to changing attachments adds up quickly. The latest in Bosch technology has simplified grinder attachments resulting in a simple on-and-off snap. It’s five times faster to change out attachments with no need for extra tools. When used with Osborn X-Lock tools, the attachments are safe and backward compatible with conventional grinders.

Grinder attachment close-up

“While Bosch developed the X-Lock in Europe, Osborn was prototyping brushes to help Bosch perfect their new grinder system,” says Justin Sieb, product manager for Osborn, based in Richmond, Indiana. “Think of the revolutionary keyless chuck on a drill. Whereas before you had to use a key in order to put a drill bit in, followed by tightening it. Now you just pick up the chuck with your hand and pull the trigger on it and the drill bit is on.”

What normally takes 15 to 20 seconds to change over, the X-Lock takes only 5 seconds to snap on and off. “If you’re doing that fifty times a day or more in these heavy industrial situations working on heavy volume jobs, you save time and can safely change out accessories instead of having multiple grinders lined up to avoid changeovers,” he says. “Now there aren’t five cords sitting around as tripping hazards or grinders sitting on workbenches.”

Patent-pending Osborn abrasives with the X-Lock attachment use a sandwich construction where the center ring is manufactured between the fiberglass and abrasive layers, providing a strong and safe bond as well as vibration control.

According to Osborn, a “click” sound indicates the accessory is safely attached. Users will find that grinding at a flat angle is possible without damaging the surface of the workpiece because there are no protruding nuts on X-Lock angle grinders. Diamond blades are no longer at risk of being incorrectly installed, as the X-Lock attachment is one directional. Osborn X-Lock tools are backward compatible with conventional angle grinders with spindle mount, with the exception of grinding discs.

Showing putting on an attachment until it "clicks"
A “click” sound indicates an accessory is safely attached. Grinding at a flat angle is possible without damaging the workpiece because there are no protruding nuts on X-Lock angle grinders.
Using grinding tools

Customers don’t need to replace their grinder because the X-Lock tools are also backward compatible. The 5/8-in. – 11 thread and X-Lock adapter is a patent pending combi-adapter. The X-Lock is one-tool compatible because it works with conventional angle grinders.

Osborn’s X-Lock quick-mount angle grinder system coincides with the new Polimaxx disc, which can substitute for coarse or fine hand sanding of metal, ideal for smooth finishes.

Now there aren’t five cords sitting around as tripping hazards or grinders sitting on workbenches.
Justin Sieb, Osborn

The Polimaxx line contains four flap discs for angle grinders with flaps made of a high-quality material ranging from coarse felt to soft fleece. Users can de-scale and de-rust work pieces easily, resulting in a mirror finish.

Osborn’s reach extends to fabricators in all sectors and has been a long supporter of the drag racing community. Osborn recently announced its latest partnership with Kalitta Motorsports, in addition to Pro Stock motorcycle drag racer Andie Rawlings and Team F@st. “This new partnership will provide us with a real life application lab for product development as we believe the racing needs are as challenging as of the ones of other metal fabricators and welders,” Sieb says.

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