Flap disc provides high cut-rate
Tiger Aluminum flap discs feature a paired flap design for grinding aluminum. The top flap has a coating that prevents loading, provides a high cut-rate and eliminates the need to apply wax or lubricant. Alternating flaps of self-sharpening zirconia aluminum grains offer aggressive material removal. The combination ensures high performance.

Weiler Abrasives, Cresco, Pennsylvania, 570/595-7495, weilerabrasives.com.

Tiger Aluminum Flap Discs
ProBend press brakes
New line of press brakes
The new ProBend press brakes are available in the patented all-electric E-Series or the hybrid H-Series version. The ProBend E-Series is available from 44-ton to 276-ton models, capable of handling bending lengths from 4 ft. up to 17 ft. The ProBend H-Series is available in sizes from 44-ton to 660-ton models able to bend material from 4 ft. to 20 ft. The brakes complement to the company’s LS5 flat sheet lasers.

BLM Group USA Corp., Novi, Michigan, 248/560-0080, blmgroupusa.com.

Aluminator grinding wheels
Grinding wheel built for aluminum
The new Aluminator grinds 2.2 times more aluminum weld per minute compared to the original version and its revised formula outlasts the original wheel by 46 percent. The Aluminator grinding wheel grinds and blends aluminum without clogging or loading. This cotton fiber wheel naturally breaks down as heat is generated, resulting in constant sharp grit being exposed to the aluminum workpiece, eliminating loading and the need for wax or grinding aids. Rex-Cut’s Aluminator offers an RA finish of 200.

Rex-Cut Abrasives, Fall River, Massachusetts, 800/225-8182, rexcut.com.

Fiber laser stripped down
The YSD LaserONE puts the advantages of fiber laser technology within financial reach of sheet metal fabricators by eliminating the extras that increase machine cost and complexity. LaserONE is offered with a 2 kW or 4 kW laser power source in a 120 in. by 60 in. table and with optional Load Assist automation. The machine features a Precitec cutting head with NC-focus, automatic focal adjustment and crash protection, Raycus laser source, Siemens controls, servo motors and drives. The YSD LaserONE is equipped with an automatic pallet changer for fast interchanging of the shuttle tables in a cycle time of roughly 30 seconds.

LVD Strippit, Akron, New York, 716/542-4511, strippit.com.

YSD LAserONE fiber laser technology
Koikey Aronson IK-12 Next
Portable cutting and welding
The IK-12 Next from Koike Aronson is versatile because it can both cut and weld. The machine was designed with two patented features, a heat emission mechanism and a creep control button. The heat emission mechanism is ergonomically designed to displace up to 45 percent of all heat. The creep control button is used to slow down the machine at the beginning and the end of a cut, which is especially useful for thick plate cutting.

Koike Aronson Ransome, Arcade, New York, 800/252-5232, koike.com.

HemiPleat Filter
Filters result in safer, cleaner work environment
HemiPleat high-performance replacement filter cartridges fit all Oval industrial dust collectors. These filters use patented pleating technology that enables them to outlast and outperform cartridges fabricated with standard pleated filter media. Synthetic beads hold the pleats open to expose more media to the airstream, increasing filter efficiency, lowering pressure drop and facilitating a better release of dust during pulse cleaning.

Camfil Air Pollution Control, Jonesboro, Arkansas, 870/933-8048, camfilapc.com.

Projection Welder
Welder is ideal for projection welding fasteners
The 12,000-joule Capacitive Discharge Welder series is built for projection welding fasteners, with standard or ring-type projections, to hot-stamped aluminum silicate-coated materials, Galvanized and other coated materials. Weld Systems Integrators Inc. designs, engineers, and manufactures all CD welders in the United States. The company uses a domestically sourced mated transformer and power supply, engineered specifically to work together for superior performance. This practice eliminates delays in parts and repairs, enhancing serviceability and maximizing uptime.

Weld Systems Integrators Inc., Warrensville Heights, Ohio, 216/475-5629, wsiweld.com.