AMADA’s REGIUS Series machine front view
AMADA’s REGIUS Series side view
Fiber lasers offer versatility
AMADA’s REGIUS Series ensures continuous ultra-high-speed processing by leveraging the combined assets of a 3-axis linear drive system and numerous autonomous features. The linear drive reaches traverse speeds of 13,300 in. per minute. REGIUS reduces the time required to process complex nests by 15 percent compared to previous models. The BREVIS 1212 AJ features reliable high-speed laser cutting, easy material loading and a flexible Z-axis to ensure efficient cutting of assembled or pre-formed parts. This system cost effectively handles all work from prototyping to full-scale production.
AMADA AMERICA INC., Buena Park, California, 714/739-2111,
Production Manager userface/screen
Miller collaborates with research center
Miller Electric Mfg. LLC is collaborating with the National Center for Construction Education & Research. The partnership will off er exercises for NCCER welding levels 1 and 2 with Miller AugmentedArc Augmented Reality Welding Systems, version 2.2.0. In addition to the five coupons already included with the AugmentedArc system, two new coupons are available— V-groove with backing and V-groove without backing—that correlate with the added exercises. For existing users, a coupon kit including these two new coupons is available for purchase, and the new software, which includes these exercises, is available for free download.
Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, Appleton, Wisconsin, 920/734-9821,
The MotoJet X product shot
Long-life intensifier pump
The MotoJet X intensifier pump can maximize customer uptime, improve usability and nearly eliminate hands-on customer maintenance. The MotoJet X features a sound deadening design, easy access points with quick-remove side panels, an air-assisted lid, and an automatic interior light. The status light was built directly into the lid handle. The pump comes IoT enabled and smart connection ready. It operates at 60,000 psi with both 30 hp and 50 hp options and is compatible across the entire Flow Mach Series of waterjet solutions.
Flow International Corp., Kent, Washington, 800/446-3569,
Someone working with the SigmaNEST v22
Software updates made across the board
Improvements have been made to all areas of the SigmaSUITE v22 product portfolio. SigmaNEST v22 introduces UI enhancements, such as options to change the sheet names in the feature tree, granular control over hatching density for reporting visibility and multi-view layout sequencing. A graphical indicator enables users to validate tab locations for the entire nest before sending the NC program to production. SigmaNEST has been re-engineered for direct transactions within SigmaSUITE, creating a 30 percent speed improvement on processes that required SimTrans transaction manager.
Cambrio, Cincinnati, 513/674-1637,
weldcote abrasives
Zirconia and ceramic flap discs promote fast metal removal
The Cushion Flex flap discs give improved access to awkward areas and provide benefits on end caps, curved or contoured surfaces and fillet (corner) welds. Cushion Flex flap discs are available in zirconia and ceramic grains that promote fast metal removal. The type 27 C-SOLID flap discs are available in 4½ -in. and in grits ranging from 40 to 80. Ceramic C-PRIME discs come in 2 and 3 in., with grits from 36 to 120. The Zirconia Z-PRIME is available in 2 in. and grits from 40 to 120.
Weldcote, Kings Mountain, North Carolina, 704/739-4115,
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